Colakreek Recreation Park

Colakreek Recreation Park, situated at a distance of 50 km from Paramaribo and just 3 km from the international airport at Zanderij, is the ideal location to relax in the refreshing waters of the creek or enjoy a recreational activity.

Apart from facilities for day recreation, this nature swim resort in the midst of the beautiful savannah landscape also offers possibilities for longer stay in comfortable holiday cabins.

Colakreek is also ideal for companies and organi-zations to hold meetings in the fully equipped conference room.

Your stay at Colakreek can also be educational. Visit the Savannah Education Centre at the resort with interesting information about the flora, fauna and history of this area and experience the beautiful savannah forest.

Colakreek is all about enjoyment!

Open 24/7

Adults SRD 100,- | Children 3 - 11yrs SRD 50,- | Children 0 - 2yrs Free
Special Deals
Weekend Package


Pay SRD 3500,- for 2 nights in 1 of our Holiday Cabins instead of SRD 4000,-


  • Reservation required
  • Only valid on weekends (Friday – Sunday)
Forest Walk

By appointment only

Start or end your stay in Suriname in a beautiful nature reserve. The recreation park Colakreek, in the middle of the savannah landscape and surrounded by high savanna forest, is 5 minutes from the international airport Johan Adolf Pengel. The resort is named after the creek with its dark colored water that resembles the Coca Cola drink that runs right through the resort. Besides a refreshing and healthy swim in the creek, you can also enjoy beautiful walks through the resort and the surrounding area.

The “Colakreek Forest Walk” includes: a walk through the savanna, where you become part of nature.

One of the typical characteristics of the white Savannah sand is the fact that it lets water seep through easily. Even humus (leaves and branches) dissolves and gets under the ground where a process takes place that can best be compared with brewing tea giving the water it’s distinct dark color.

What can we Offer?
Holiday Cabins

Facilities & Rates


  • 1 bedroom with 1 double bed and 1 single bed, incl. bed linen
  • 1 bedroom with 2 single beds, incl. bed linen
  • Balcony with space for 3 hammocks (not included)
  • Shower & toilet
  • Kitchen, fully equipped
  • Electricity
  • Fully furnished
  • Aircondintioned Bedrooms

Number of cabins: 5


  • Weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) SRD 1500,- per night stay inclusive 4 persons admission and 1 parking spot
  • Weekend (Friday and Saturday) SRD 2000,- per night stay inclusive 4 persons admission and 1 parking spot
  • Daytime rate (9:00 – 16:00hrs) SRD 1000,- inclusive 4 persons admission and 1 parking spot
  • Extra persons (max 3 extra per lodge): Adults SRD 200,- , Children 3-11yrs SRD 100, Children 0-1yrs Free per overnight stay

SRD = Surinamese Dollars

Open hut (standard)

Facilities & Rates


  • Hut with stone or white sand floor
  • No lighting facility
  • Room for 4 hammocks

Number of open huts: 25


  • 9:00 – 17:30hrs / 18:30 – 8:00hrs
    Open Hut with electricity: SRD 150,-
    Admission: Adults SRD 50,- , Children 3-11yrs SRD 25, Children 0-1yrs Free per overnight stay
    Parking: SRD 15,-
  • 9:00 – 17:30hrs / 18:30 – 8:00hrs
    Open Hut without electricity: SRD 125,-
    Admission: Adults SRD 50,- , Children 3-11yrs SRD 25, Children 0-1yrs Free per overnight stay
    Parking: SRD 25,-

SRD = Surinamese Dollars

Open Tent (large)

Facilities & Rates


  • Open tent with stone floor and lighting
  • Room for 8 hammocks
  • Electricity

Number of open tents: 3


  • 9:00 – 17:30hrs
    Open Tent: SRD 200,-
    Admission: Adults SRD 50,- , Children 3-11yrs SRD 25,-, Children 0-1yrs Free per overnight stay
    Parking: SRD 15,-
  • 18:30 – 8:00hrs
    Open Tent: SRD 200,-
    Admission: Adults SRD 50,- , Children 3-11yrs SRD 25,-, Children 0-1yrs Free per overnight stay
    Parking: SRD 15,-

SRD = Surinamese Dollars

Conference Room



  • Conference Room: 10m x12m
  • Airconditioned (up to 100 people)
  • We offer you menus, snacks and drink packages, tailor-made to your needs

Number of conference rooms: 1

Cafetaria & Terrace


  • Surinamese Food & Snacks
  • Drinks and more
  • Tables, chairs and playing balls are available for rent at the Cafeteria

Number of cafeterias: 1

We also have
  • Camping Site (6m x 6m)
  • Picknick Table (1,6mx1,5m)
  • Rent of COLAKREEK is also possible!
  • Children glide rock / Glide Tunnel / Playground / Basketball / Volley ball / Tree hut + Rope bridge / First Aid / Security /Nightshop / Changing rooms + shower / Telephone at the resort
  • Free use of shower, dishwashing area and toilet (please bring your own toilet paper)
Savanna Education Centre


Located in the savanna area at Zanderij, recreation park Colakreek wants to offer more than just safe swimming water, woodland and nature, multiple facilities and recreational attractions. METS recently made a start with nature education since the entire Zanderij area can only remain attractive for recreation and tourism if we learn how to value its beautiful surroundings, and, together with visitors, entrepreneurs and the government, make all efforts to conserve this beauty for the future.

The beauty of Para is evident in the recently opened Savanna Education Centre at Colakreek. On the complex, a large number of trees have further been provided with names and interesting facts. As the new holiday cabins now make a longer stay in the area possible, hiking tracks and bicycle routes have been set out so that visitors can explore the surroundings at Zanderij and in the Central Para region. These facilities make it possible to learn more about the rich diversity of landscapes, ecosystems, the flora and fauna of Para and its rich history, and the cultural treasures of the Indigenous people, Para Creoles and Maroons. The Savanna Education Centre also highlights the increasing environmentally-damaging activities in the district that harm nature.

Admission to the Savanna Education Centre is included in the general admission to Colakreek.


The general travel conditions and/or specific terms and additionally the conditions holiday cabins and other accomodations at Colakreek apply to all METS services as registered on the website You are considered to agree with these terms upon payment for the service.

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