Kasikasima Jungle Expedition

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5 or 8 days
Zorg en Hoop airport, Paramaribo
Vincent Fayks airport, Palumeu
Min Age : 8+
Max People : 10

The Kasikasima Expedition Tour is ideal for adventurous nature lovers who love a challenge. The tour starts from Paramaribo to Palumeu, a jungle-resort along the Upper Tapanahony River, near an Amerindian village with the same name. The following day, a boat trip will take you on a jungle track of 6 days on the river and in the Amazon rainforest. The beauty of this trip is that you will enter a pristine part of the rainforest, via the Palumeu River, at which you will cross over various rapids and sleep in camps, in hammocks.

Starting out from the base camp, idyllically situated at the foot of the Sawaniboto rapids, you will climb to one of the peaks of the granite Mount Kasikasima. This hike and climb through the jungle takes approximately 7 hours, to and from, at which you will spend one hour at the top. The magnificent view over the “roof” of the Amazon rainforest will give you renewed energy for yet another life: You are on “Top of the World”. Your body and mind can once again face anything! Included during the tour: transportation by airplane, meals and juice (served during meals), accommodation, Dutch and English speaking tour guide.

Duration of the Tour

5 or 8 days


Monday, return Friday (5-day tour)

Monday, return following Monday or
Friday, return following Friday (8-day tour)

Departure & Return Location

Flight Duration

110 minutes

Departure Time

11.00 AM

Price Includes

  • Transportation by airplane
  • Meals and juice (served during meals)
  • Trips as included in the standard program
  • Professionally trained Dutch or English speaking tour guide
  • Overnight stay in the lodges

Price Excludes

  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks which are available at the bar
  • Purchase of souvenirs and extra activities
  • Tour activities not included in the standard tour program
  • Transportation from and to Zorg and Hoop (unless inlcuded at your booking)
  • Accident- and cancellation insurance

Day 1 8 days program - €795

You depart from local airport Zorg en Hoop to the airstrip near the Amerindian village Palumeu, approximately 75 minutes south from Paramaribo. We are proud of the traditional and sustainable nature of this trip. Our employees are skilled Trio and Wajana Amerindians. Your jungle cabin is built in traditional style and the cool evenings make air-conditioning or a fan unnecessary but you do enjoy the comfort of a mosquito net. For atmospheric lighting at night, solar energy is used. The meals are prepared on a wood fire with primarily Surinamese ingredients. Our employees welcome you at our jungle lodge, a stone’s throw from the village Palumeu of the Trio and Wajana Amerindians. After check-in your room, you depart to Palawa Island for a picnic lunch. Here you can enjoy swimming in the refreshing river water. In the afternoon you visit the Amerindian village Palumeu. The most ancient inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest have maintained ancient-old traditions in their lifestyle and handicrafts. At night, the guide prepares you for the expedition. You receive tips on safety, comfort and the respectful use of this untouched part of the jungle.

Day 2

A group feeling is immediately created when you see everyone lending a hand at loading all provisions in the dug-out canoe. Nothing must be left behind. Everyone will have to make do with what is taken along! You will live a few days without the luxury you are probably accustomed to in the simplicity of the jungle; without telephone or radio contact with the rest of the world-life as a true explorer so to speak. A dug-out canoe brings you over the Tapanahony and Palumeu river to camp Kamakabari. This boat trip takes 3 to 7 hours depending on the water level. In the camp the accompanying cook prepares a delicious lunch. In the meantime everyone joins in to put up the hammock camp. The guide explains how the hammocks and mosquito nets must be tied and how you can sleep comfortably in the hammocks. He also explains the sanitary facilities in the jungle. Late afternoon when the cook is already busy preparing dinner, you have time to swim, enjoy a natural massage in the waters of the rapids (if the water level permits) or go fishing.

Day 3

After the first jungle night and breakfast the next day, you break down the camp together. Everything is loaded into the boat for the next destination, base camp Kasikasima at the Sawaniboto waterfall. The boatmen must pull the dug-out canoe through various rapids. At low tide, they will ask for your help to pull the dugout canoe over the shallow ends of the water. One rapid cannot be crossed: the Trombakasula. Here, the boat is unloaded. All provisions have to be carried on foot over a hill. Of course many hands make light work! Walking to and from while you are at it will immediately be a good preparation for the hike to Kasikasima. Upstream, the dug-out canoe is ready and the boatmen will take you to the base camp. Your arrival at the camp is late in the afternoon. When the hammocks are tied again you have time to relax. After dinner, the guide tells you more about the highlight of this expedition: the climb to one of the peaks of Mount Kasikasima.

Day 4

After a sturdy jungle hike over various small hills, you reach the foot of Mount Kasikasima. On the way, your guide will point out animal sounds and tracks and tell you about the mythical powers attributed to this mountain by the indigenous people. With a bit of luck you will see a cock-of-the-rock, a rare bright orange colored bird, at the foot of the mountain. The trip to and from takes approximately 7 hours. One hour is spent at the top where you enjoy a magnificent view over the Amazon rainforest from the plateau. In clear weather, you can see as far as the border with Brazil. On the plateau you will enjoy lunch amidst the tropical rock plants. Going up means getting back down and the descent is equally adventurous. Upon arrival back at the base camp it is time for a well-deserved massage in the refreshing water of the rapid. In the meantime the cook takes care of a good meal. Later (if the weather permits) there is plenty to talk about around the campfire.

Day 5

Early in the morning, you depart for a sturdy jungle walk to Kodebaku Falls. During the jungle walk, the guide gives you information about various interesting aspects about the flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest. At the Kodebaku waterfalls you can enjoy a true water spectacle. We will also visit a small Indian camp if the two families living there are present. Back in the base camp lunch is ready. After lunch you have some leisure time. Maybe you wish to go fishing with the accompanying boatmen or just sit peacefully and relax in this pristine part of the Amazon rainforest. After dinner you make a boat trip on the river to enjoy the jungle sounds at night.

Day 6

In the early morning, at dawn, we float downstream a bit on the river in the dug-out canoe to enjoy the awakening of the jungle in all peacefulness. The rest of the day is kept free for your own activities. If there are more enthusiasts, you can enjoy a forest walk. Or you can just linger, swim, practice bow and arrow shooting, paddle in a dug-out canoe or go fishing.

Day 7

After breaking up the camp, you begin the trip back to Palumeu. Going upstream is now faster compared to the way there. You once again have a chance to see animals such as howler monkeys in the tree tops, caimans lying on the river banks and maybe even a giant otter. Lunch is served along the way. Upon arrival in the afternoon, after a satisfying trip, you will truly appreciate the welcoming refreshing drink. After dinner, you will say goodbye to the cook and boatmen.

Day 8

In the morning, the guide gives you a tour through the village. Along the way, you can purchase traditional handicraft souvenirs from the villagers themselves. After lunch, you depart for the return flight to Paramaribo.

Day 15 days program - €750

Flight from Paramaribo to Palumeu. In the afternoon you make a trip by dug-out canoe to Palawa Island. On the way back, a stop is made at the Amerindian village Palumeu. On the walk back to the jungle lodge you get a good impression of life in the village. At night, you receive further instructions on the hike and climb of Mount Kasikasima.

Day 2

The trip by dug-out canoe takes 3 to 7 hours depending on the water level. On the way, a stop is made for lunch. At Trombaka sula (rapid) you get out of the dug-out canoe to walk past the rapid, on the river bank. Beyond the rapid a dug-out canoe is ready and the boatman takes you to the base camp. Arrival at the camp is late afternoon. The guide tells you more about the most convenient way to sleep in a hammock. After dinner, most guests seek out their hammocks early to be fit and ready for the climbing trip the next day.

Day 3

The hike and climb through the jungle to one of the peaks of Mount Kasikasima is a unique experience. The trip to and from one of the peaks of Mount Kasikasima takes approximately 7 hours. One hour is spent at the top where you enjoy a magnificent view over the Amazon rainforest from the plateau. In the afternoon, you hike back to the base camp for dinner and share your experience, if the weather permits, around a campfire.

Day 4

The boatmen take you by dug-out canoe to Palumeu. On the way, a picnic lunch is served. If the water level permits, you can paddle parts of the trip yourself along the way in the traditional manner, so without outboard engine. Between arrival and dinner you have some leisure time.

Day 5

In the early morning, at dawn, we float downstream a bit on the river in the dug-out canoe to enjoy the awaking of the jungle in all peacefulness. After breakfast, we visit the Amerindian village Palumeu with the guide. You can purchase traditional handicraft directly from the villagers. In the afternoon, you fly back to Paramaribo.


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Couple Traveller

De zevendaagse reis begint op het vliegveld Zorg en Hoop in Paramaribo. Daar opgewacht door de gids, vliegen naar jungle resort en indianendorp Palumeu en vandaar vijf dagen met de boot naar twee jungle lodges stroomopwaarts. Veilig gevaren door twee lokale bootsmannen en onderweg goed verzorgd door een kokkin, allen uit Palumeu. De natuur is overweldigend en de begeleiders kunnen daar veel over vertellen en laten zien. Varen in een open korjaal langs stroomversnellingen, slapen in hangmatten, wassen in de rivier en ver weg van de bewoonde wereld, dicht bij de grens met Brazilie. Met als hoogtepunt een pittige klim naar een van de toppen van Kasikasima met prachtig uitzicht. Gids Elton is enthousiast, een goede organisator en weet van alles te vertellen. Bij de tussenstops in Palumeu op de heen- en terugweg verblijf je in comfortabele huisjes met uitzicht op de rivier. Daar is ook gelegenheid voor extra activiteiten als zwemmen, peddelen en bezoek aan het Indianendorp.

January 4, 2017