Birding tour Suriname

Birding tour Suriname

Duration: morning and afternoon tour.

It’s one of the last countries on earth which is almost completely covered with pristine rainforest. During your day tour, our specialist guide Sean Dilrosun knows where the birds are and most likely which ones you want to see.

We have a lot to offer. Just to mention a few Surinamese specialties, which you will not easily find anywhere else: Blood-colored Woodpecker, Arrow-head Piculet, Rufous Crab-Hawk, and the Crimson hooded manakin. There is a good chance we will see these today, among many others.

After the lunch break on board the ship our guide Sean Dlrosen wil present you a short lecture about birds of Suriname in general. We will do our best to make your visit to Suriname a memorable one.

Birds spoken of during the lecture are; Gray-winged Trumpeter, Red-fan Parrot, Guianan Toucanet, Finsch’s Euphonia and White-fronted manakin. These birds you on other occasions you almost cannot miss. With a bit of luck, you may also see the rare Boat-billed Tody-Tyrant, or the magnificent Red-and-black Grosbeak, Chapman Swift, Crimson Topaz, White-throated Pewee, Capuchinbird, White Bellbird, Guianan Red-Cotinga, Rose-breasted Chat and Blue-backed Tanager. And the Band-tailed Antshrike and Crimson Fruitcrow.