Marina Resort Waterland

Marina Resort Waterland is a small-scale private marina on the Suriname River, equipped with all the amenities that ensure a comfortable stay.


Looking for a dream destination? Danpaati River Lodge, situated on the island  ‘Dan’ far away in our unspoiled rainforest deep down the Upper Suriname River is your best choice!

Anaula Nature Resort

On holiday in Suriname? Anaula Nature Resort is the right place for an unforgettable, adventurous nature and culture experience. The resort is located in the Upper Surinam area on an island in the Ferulasi rapids. It features luxurious cabanas with a child-friendly swimming pool.

Kabalebo Nature Resort

In a world that moves too fast, Kabalebo Nature Resort offers a welcome tonic of relaxation and discovery. Days are filled with rain-forest adventure and exploration, and nights are spent reliving the day’s discoveries.

Plantation Frederiksdorp

Plantation Frederiksdorp consists of 7 restored historical buildings. There are also 14 new guest stays, a bar, a restaurant and a swimming pool.