About Us

METS, your partner in Suriname

  • METS Travel & Tours is the most experienced tour operator in Suriname. On January 13,
    2018 we commemorated our 56th anniversary!
  • METS forms part of a larger network. We are a subsidiary of Surinam Airways and an associated company of the Residence Inn hotels in Paramaribo and Nickerie.
  • METS manages its jungle lodges in cooperation with local communities, so that the best quality can be guaranteed.
  • METS offers all-in tour packages in Suriname, the Guianas and abroad which can be tailor-made upon request of both the individual (FIT) and groups, and tuned in to both budget and luxury tavelers.
  • METS has professionally trained tour guides. Our guides originate from the local communities so they have excellent knowledge of the local culture and nature.
  • Guests traveling with METS contribute directly to the local community.
  • METS responds to all your e-mails within 24 hours.

Discover the Untouched

METS Travel & Tours, your travel & tour specialist, offers you a variety of unique and authentic excursions in Suriname, perfectly arranged! We give you a unique opportunity to experience Suriname at its best. Enjoy the Surinamese culture and nature on one of our day trips or multiple day trips.Additionally, we also offer various international excursions and cruises.

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