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Awarradam Jungle Lodge & Spa

4 or 5 days

Awarradam Jungle Lodge & Spa, was built by a number of local villagers. This small idyllic island, hidden in the Amazon rainforest lies at the foot of the Awarradam rapids.

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Gran Rio Jungle Expedition

5 Days

An expedition into the pristine Amazon rainforest over the Gran Rio River is a true experience for nature lovers who dare to face a challenge!

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Palumeu Jungle Lodge

4 or 5 days

Palumeu Jungle Lodge, close to an Amerindian village bearing the same name, is situated along the upper Tapanahony River, in the midst of the Amazon rainforest.

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Kasikasima Jungle Expedition

5 or 8 days

The Kasikasima Expedition Tour is ideal for adventurous nature lovers who love a challenge. The tour starts from Paramaribo to Palumeu, a jungle-resort along the Upper Tapanahony River, near an Amerindian village with the same name.

Other Tours

Brownsberg / Afobaka Resort Tour

2 days
At the foot of the Brownsberg in the Brokopondo Lake, lies the beautiful peninsula “Ston Island”.

Nickerie / Bigi Pan Tour

2 days

The tour starts in Paramaribo where you will depart for a 3-hour trip by bus to Nickerie.


2 days

Galibi is the collective name for two Amerindian villages Christiaankondre and Langamankondre.


2 - 3 days

Frederiksdorp is a former 18th century coffee and cocoa plantation located on the right bank of the Commewijne River.

Maratakka Resort

2- 3 days

Both destinations, Maratakka and Bigi Pan, are located in District Nickerie, the most western situated district of Suriname.

Anaula Nature Resort

3 days
Anaula is located on the banks of an idyllic island in the Upper Suriname River, near the Ferulassi rapids.


3 days

In Danpaati River Lodge you can immerse yourself in pristine nature and discover the Saramaccan maroon culture.

Blanche Marie – Apoera

4 days

This 4 day tour takes you with a 4 wheel drive car through an unspoiled rainforest to one of Suriname’s largest and most beautiful waterfalls.

Raleighfalls – Voltzberg

4 days

Raleighfalls is located in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve (CSNR). The reserve offers a great variety of flora and fauna.

Starting From

Kabalebo Resort

4, 5 or 8 days

In a world that moves too fast, Kabalebo Nature Resort offers a welcome tonic of relaxation and discovery.

Day Trips

Sunset Dolphin Tour

1 day

Get a breath of fresh air on the river at the end of the day, during this 3 hour long relaxing boat trip. You will enjoy the river water’s coolness and an amazing view while you enjoy a refreshing (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) drink with delicious snacks and listen to relaxing music.

Paramaribo City Tour

1 day

You enjoy a guided tour by car and walk along the most prominent historical buildings of Paramaribo with their unique architecture. The guide provides information about interesting facts and about, among others, Fort Zeelandia museum, the presidential palace and Independence Square.

Culture Market Tour

1 day

You will be fascinated by the authenticity and diversity of the different Cultural markets.

Peperpot Bike tour

1 day

The Peperpot bike tour takes you along the polders in the district Commewijne. You will cycle through former plantations where you can experience the 18th and 19th century in a relaxed atmosphere.

Commewijne boat tour

1 day

For the dolphin spotting we go to their feeding grounds in the mouth of the Suriname River estuary. These gentle animals live in small groups and during high tide they swim with the salt water upriver, sometimes as far as thirty kilometers upstream.

Plantation Bakkie Day Trip

1 day
Plantation Reynsdorp, also known as plantation Bakkie, is a former coffee plantation with old sluices and buildings. Around 1900, the plantation was divided over former contracts, primarily […]

Brownsberg Tour

1 day

Nature park Brownsberg extends over approx. 6,000 hectares. At the foot of the mountain lie seven transmigration villages inhabited by the people who were moved there when the area flooded to form the hydro lake.
The mountain itself is a remnant of the half-moon shaped bauxite plateau, stretching 500 meters above the surrounding forest

Commewijne plantation Tour

1 day

Paramaribo is the capital city of the Republic of Suriname. The city lies on the west bank of the Suriname River, approx. 23 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean. District Commewijne is one of the oldest plantation areas in Suriname. The district lies across the Suriname River, right opposite Paramaribo. Commewijne borders the Atlantic Ocean in the North and in the East lies district Marowijne.

Warappa creek

1 day
The day trip to warappa Creek starts from Paramaribo, where the guide stops at some colonial buildings that have a link with the area we are going […]

Sugar Trail Tour

1 day

Sugar has played a predominant role in de history of Suriname. During the times when slavery held sway,
there were hundreds of sugar plantations in the country.

French – Guiana – St. Laurent du Maroni

1 day

The prison of St. Laurent du Maroni was the main penal establishment of French Guiana for a century. Some of the buildings were restored in the early 1980s.


1 day

Frederiksdorp is a former 18th century coffee and cocoa plantation located on the right bank of the Commewijne River, not far from the city of Paramaribo. The history of Frederiksdorp recalls both European and African traditions.

Jodensavanna – Colakreek Tour

1 day

This historic place is named after the Jews who fled the inquisition in Europe and who settled in this savannah area. There they build plantation where primarily cane sugar was cultivated. The introduction of sugar beet in the 18th century resulted in the downfall of Jodensavannah. After a fire that largely destroyed the settlement in 1832, the plantation owners moved to the city. The ruins of the oldest Jewish synagogue in the American continent are still visible just like the graveyard. And there is also a small museum.

Santigron tour

1 day

We drive to Lelydorp, where there is a visit to the local market. During this short bus ride we will take you through the outskirts of the city. The guide will tell you about the villages and the countryside and other interesting sights. Once we arrive at Santigron you are welcomed.

City—Commewijne Tour

1 day

Commewijne is situated next to the Commewijne River, right accross the capital Paramaribo. The tour takes you along the former colonial plantations, of which most of them are now abandoned and no longer in use. The first stop is at the plantation Peperpot, where the old coffee and cocoa factory, the (now occupied) deputy-director’s house and the old office are located. Also on the plantation are, now under renovation, the old coffee warehouse and director’s house.