Conditions: Holiday Cabins and other Accommodations at Colakreek

To guarantee a pleasant stay for you and other visitors, we request you to observe below regulations:

  1. For an optimal enjoyment of nature and relaxation for all our guests during their stay in the holiday cabins, we request you to adjust your recreation accordingly. Audio equipment (radio, tv, etc.) and noisy conduct are not allowed in and near the holiday cabins and other accommodations in the quiet zone.
  2. Please read the Colakreek visitors’ regulations.
  3. The check-in time for the holiday cabins is at 18.00 hrs and the check-out time at the latest at 16.00 hrs, the next day. Early check-in is possible, if available, at an early check-in fee. At late check-out, if possible, a late check-out fee is charged. For all other accommodations, the normal Colakreek check-in and check-out times apply.
  4. Guests who rent a holiday cabin or other accommodation for overnight stay, who wish to enter Colakreek earlier than 15.00 hrs, pay the normal entrance fee for day visitors and daytime accommodation, if required, until their standard check-in time. At payment of the early check-in fee, holiday cabin renters are free from paying the Colakreek entrance fee.
  5. At loss or damage of inventory and damage to the holiday cabin, the costs will be charged to the renter. At check-in and check-out, a Colakreek functionary will inspect the inventory and accommodations in the presence of the renter.
  6. The holiday cabin offers sleeping facilities on beds for 4 (four) persons and in hammocks on the balcony for 3 (three) persons (please bring along your own hammocks). Overnight stay in the holiday cabin is allowed for maximally 7 persons. The holiday cabin fee includes stay of 4 (four) persons. Extra persons, pay the daily entrance fee per person.
  7. The holiday cabin and premises must be neat and clean at check-out, namely all inventory in order, no dirty dishes, BBQ unit clean and all waste in a garbage bag.
  8. Fire hazard activities are prohibited in the rooms, i.e. burning mosquito coils etc. Smoking is only allowed outside the accommodation facilities.
  9. Parking vehicles near the holiday cabins is not recommended due to the risk of falling branches and trees. Parking along the road is not allowed. Guests who wish to park near the cabin can do so at their own risk. Maximally 2 (two) cars are allowed on the cabin premises at payment of the parking fee for 1 (one) vehicle. Other vehicles must be parked on the parking lot at the standard parking fee.
  10. Colakreek is available for rent. Renters of the holiday cabins and accommodations for overnight stay should take this into account.
Holiday Cabin