Information Travel Abroad

  1. The airline charges extra costs at registration of a wrong name, so please PERSONALLY check, prior to issue of the ticket, whether the name is correct, as per the name in your passport which must be valid minimally six months from the date of departure.
  2. For various destinations worldwide, passengers must apply for a visa/tourist card, as well as the required vaccinations. Passengers are at all times personally responsible for this. METS Travel & Tours shall, however, provide information upon request, and will assist, if possible, at your visa application at payment of the normal service fee.
  3. NOTE: Since an increasing number of countries now require vaccination for yellow fever, we advise you, regardless of your destination, to take care of this at the latest 11 days prior to your departure, due to the incubation period, and to keep the yellow fever vaccination booklet with your travel documents at all times.
  4. Specific conditions apply to each rate, alterations or cancellations are, however, commonly not allowed for special (promotional) rates, i.e. 100% loss and NO SHOW (not or showing up late for your check-in).
  5. At rates for which alterations or cancellations are allowed, METS Travel & Tours, as well as the airline, shall charge administration costs.
  6. When traveling with children, you must submit the appropriate documents such as a family extract, copy of birth certificate and/or consent statement of the non-traveling parent, to the authorities.
  7. At a timely indication, METS Travel & Tours shall assist in requests for special meals (for ex. vegetarian), seats and assistance (for ex. difficulty walking).
  8. We advise that you take on a travel-cancellation insurance.
  9. At changing over to another airline and at delays, if any, no compensation is paid for missing the connecting airline flight.
  10. At purchase of an airline ticket, METS Travel & Tours intermediates between the client and the airline or other service provider (hotel, transport company, etc.), but is not liable for costs resulting from delays, cancellations or inability of the airline or service provider to operate a flight or deliver a service.


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